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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I'm Gabrielle and I live and work in the  beautiful city of bath in England. I am a Personal Stylist with my own company called Voila Styling. Here you will find a list of personal styling services and your necessities page which has your shopping list for the current season. Voila came from my French roots as my mother is French and I knew I wanted this to be an element in my brand name. I also felt that Voila summed up what I wanted the client to feel or find within themselves.

Voila // explanation there it is;there you are . 

 After my youngest daughter started school I knew it was my time to set up Voila and start helping people find their style making life a little easier. Having my own business is a juggling act which after 5 years I feel I have finally balanced but I know things are always changing. What I have loved the most about my job is the amazing people and collaborations that I have welcomed and enjoyed through the 5 years. The sense of achievement and happiness when I get an email back from a client to say that after my visit they feel happier and I have given them back a skip in their step , making them feel positive about life. This is why I love my job !! 

In 2012 I started study Pilates at the Scott Studio and in 2013 I qualified to become a Pilates Instructor. Adding this element to my skills has helped enhances and propel my Voila Styling business which has been incredible beacuse you never know where life will take you. So with the Styling and the Pilates I have evolved the Brand in to a Lifestyle destination where you will find elements of each in my blog. 

Welcome to the Voila Lifestyle and I hope you enjoy my articles and thank you for your support. Please email if you would like to see something more on the blog or to make any suggestions or for future work collaborations.

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